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This 1948 Lane cedar chest had a lot of badly damaged veneer on the bottom half. The final design plan came together once all of the veneer was removed from the body and base, and each surface had been sanded down. This process took about 2 days. When all of the veneer (with the exception of the top) had been removed, there were a lot of varying wood grains and some chips in the lid, so we made the decision to paint everything but the base and feet.

The inspiration was a washstand that was refinished in 2023 (last photo), using Country Chic Paint Persimmon - a bold, citrus orange. Keeping the raw wood on the base and feet made for a beautiful contrast against the paint color. There is a fun pop of color inside the shelf, and the inside of the chest got a nice refresh with cedar oil. This small piece of furniture will have a fun, bold impact!

Persimmon Cedar Chest

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