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This stunning desk was manufactured by Stanley Distinctive Furniture, likely in the 1960s, but possibly earlier. Solid throughout, it has been painted in Fusion Mineral Paint's Ash- a bold but soft charcoal gray. The two bottom left side drawers have been refinished in natural wood tones, while the top two drawers on both sides have been painted. Four drawers in total gives plenty of space and functionality. The top right drawer has a wood divider to help keep you organized, and all 4 drawers have been lined with a fresh, modern print paper. The entire piece has been sealed with polyurethane for lasting durability. Measuring 46" wide, 19" deep and just over 30" high, this desk gives you a stylish work from home option. You won't find another piece like it! Available for pickup in Falmouth.

Modern Stanley Furniture Desk

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