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Green never disappoints! When we got this adorable, antique oak washstand, it was dark and dingy. The metal knobs were bent and completely covered in rust and the washstand itself looked tired and old- it is old! The drawers have pin joinery, which dates the washstand somewhere between the late 1800s and early 1900s. We sanded down the top, as well and the sides of the drawers, and made several repairs to broken parts. 

We painted the body and drawers in Hollow Hill, a deep forest green, and added new, painted wood knobs to each of the drawers. The knob on the door is original and does have a locking mechanism- simply turn the knob to secure the wood "lock" on the interior of the door.

The inside of the cubby and drawers have been refreshed with a lemon verbena salve and the entire piece has been sealed with satin polyurethane. 

Measuring 26" wide, 14.5" deep and 26.5" high, this would be a great storage piece! Available for pick up in Falmouth.

Hollow Hill Washstand

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