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This incredibly unique cabinet is estimated to have been manufactured in the 1930s and was likely used as a physician's cabinet. The drawer fronts have been sanded down to the original walnut wood grain and sealed with a satin polyurethane. The body has been painted in Hollow Hill by Country Chic, a deep forest green that is a favorite of Pumpkin Seed Designs' clients and followers alike. The top of the cabinet has a storage piece (or hatch) that folds open, presumably where a doctor would have kept different medicines or tools.


The inside of each storage area has been left unpainted and refreshed with furniture tonic. The cabinet has tons of storage with 4 drawers, 2 cubby spaces and the top hatch. The first row of drawers has storage within the storage. The middle drawer has a removable tray that can slide inside the drawer and has room to stash more items below it. The left and right drawers in the top row each have dividers- they can be moved or removed entirely from the right drawer. The partition in the left drawer is stationary, with lots of space behind it. There is a small crack in the partition from the previous owners. This does not affect the functionality of the piece.


New gold knobs and a satin polyurethane finish off the look of the cabinet. The measurements are:

-Width: 28”-Height from bottom to table top: 32.5”-Height from bottom to hatch top: 38.5”-Depth: 17”


A super versatile, unique and stunning piece! Available for pickup in Falmouth.

Hollow Hill Walnut Accent Cabinet

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