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This stunning antique vanity is made of maple and mahogany veneer. Manufactured by George J. Michelsen Furniture Company out of Rochester, NY. George J. Michelsen was built in 1914 and manufactured bedroom furniture through the 1950s. This vanity can be dated to April 16, 1923 as noted by the stamp on the back of the largest mirror. The smaller two mirrors have a stamp noting January 28th, but the year is too blurry to confirm for certain. For its age, the vanity is in excellent condition.


Our plan was to update it thoughtfully- the mirrors were removed from their frames and the entire piece was carefully sanded back to raw wood. We then applied a paint wash using Country Chic's Driftwood, a muted warm brown, and sealed it with satin polyurethane. The drawers have been lined with a pretty floral print and ceramic teardrop pulls complete the look.


This piece does not include a chair- we felt that was a personal preference! Due to its age, the vanity does have some minor imperfections. Specifically, the mirror shows its age with some cloudiness and wear marks. The vanity was also refinished at least twice over its lifetime. We know this from some green, red, and maybe even black paint on the underside of the piece. It isn't visible unless you are underneath the vanity or have it on its back to transport it. We left it intact because it adds to the history of the piece and does not affect the overall aesthetic.



36¼" wide

17½ deep

31½" high (on sides with glove boxes)

26½" to top of vanity center

57½" to top of middle mirror

25½" knee hole

Driftwood Antique Vanity

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