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🖤 This beautiful 1800s empire chest was in very rough condition upon its arrival to Pumpkin Seed Designs. Even in a state of disrepair, its potential could be seen. Curvy, chunky legs, handcut dovetails, and hand forged nails are just some of the offerings this lovely piece possesses.

🖤 There were several pieces of veneer missing and broken and sticky drawers, amongst other things. After several cleanings and repairs, the top was sanded down to raw pine.

🖤 The body and top 2 drawers were painted in Wise Owl Paint's Black, a beautiful, true black with very little undertones.

🖤 New, white stone knobs were added to the larger drawers on the main body of the dresser, while smaller white ceramic knobs were added to the top two small drawers. The wood drawer bottoms are original and full of character. They have been cleaned up and refreshed with furniture tonic to rehydrate the wood. All of the drawers have been waxed to help them glide with ease.

🖤 Sealed in a satin polyurethane, this dresser offers plenty of storage with 6 drawers! The updated modern look combined with the neutral paint color makes this piece a total statement piece!

🖤 Available for pickup in Windham, Maine, near the high school. Please see detailed measurements below:

Overall Dimensions:

43½" wide

20¼" deep

40" high, 45⅛" to top of 2 drawers

Drawer Dimensions:

Top 2 small drawers: 15" wide, 8" deep, 2¾" high each

1st (top) drawer: 33½" wide, 13¼" deep, 4¾" high

2nd: 33½" wide, 13¼" deep, 5¼" high

3rd: 33½" wide, 13¼" deep, 5¼" high

Bottom: 33½" wide, 13¼" deep, 5¼" high

1800s Empire Dresser in Black

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