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What's Poppin' in 2020?'s me again! It seems like many of you read and dare I say, enjoyed (?), the first Pumpkin Seed blog entry, so I thought I'd keep it going. I got an email today from Sarah at Maine Homes (part of Down East magazine) and I have to say, there were some pretty exciting tidbits in there about design trends in 2020. Specifically, I am stoked to see pops of color (chartreuse, classic blue, aqua and the like) making a major comeback- along with things like bold wallpapers in larger spaces and, AND, AND, AND-- the concept of maintaining walls in older homes, rather than knocking them down to create open concept living.

Hold on just a second. I'm not saying I'm against open-concept spaces by any means. When done well, I think they can be stunning. We have lived in both- an apartment that was very modern and open-concept, and now, our 1954 Cape Code style home that's compartmentalized in true New England fashion. Personally, I found it a little more difficult to decorate the open-concept space, primarily because the layout was undefined, so it took a lot of thought and time to find the right pieces to fit what we were envisioning. I've included some photos below, the first of which is from our apartment in 2012, shortly after we moved in. We ended up getting a modern-looking table (2nd photo) to fill the empty space that you can see in the first photo. The 3rd photo is the dining room in our current home. In the background, you can see the entry to our family room, separated by a wall and a door frame. In either case, the spaces in our Cape are way more defined than they were in our apartment.

Back to the other trends, though! You may have noticed that I am huge fan of color and patterns, so the news from Maine Homes excites me and sparks my desire to continue refinishing pieces of furniture that are both bold and classic. I have been known to use whites, blacks, and grays every so often (it's not personal!!), but I just love color. If you'd like to check out the Maine Home article for more info and other design trends, the link is here:

I'd love to hear from you- what design styles do you like, and what might you like to see more of from me? Thanks for reading!


Meredith, "Pumpkin Seed"


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